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Creating Great Grooming Dogs host with her dogs

This is the podcast where dog grooming and dog training meet! Learn how to teach dogs to be great for grooming and other types of handling for health and comfort. Perfect for groomers, trainers, owners, and other pet professionals.

I'm Chrissy Neumyer Smith. I'm a Master Groomer Behavior Specialist(MGBS), Certified Professional Groomer(CPG), Certified Behavior Consultant for Canines(CBCC), Certified Professional Dog Trainer(CPDT), Fear Free Certified Groomer and Fear Free Certified Trainer(FFP), SATS certified trainer, instructor at Whole Pet Grooming Academy , and my online program at the Whole Pet Grooming Academy is The Master Groomer Behavior Specialist program. For more information about that program go to 

When I'm not grooming, training, or teaching I enjoy competing in Flyball, preparing to compete again in Rally Obedience, and generally playing with my border collies Brok and Po. It's not all just dogs. I enjoy a wide variety of hobbies including knitting, weaving, archery, and playing a bunch of musical instruments. I LOVE hearing from listeners. You are some of the best people that I've had the pleasure of being around. Feel free to reach out with questions, concerns, episode ideas, and feedback.