Creating Great Grooming Dogs!

The podcast where grooming and training meet


Learn more about the science of behavior change and the techniques used to help dogs to be Calm, Comfortable, and Cooperative.


Learn more about the unique needs of the grooming setting, what dogs are going to be exposed to, and what they will need to know.

Veterinary Staff

Learn more about what groomers and trainers are doing to teach dogs to be cooperative for grooming, vet visits, and other types of care.


Learn more about how you can work with your own dog to teach your dog to be Comfortable with grooming, vet visits, and care at home.

Welcome to the podcast!

I'm Chrissy Neumyer Smith. I'm a Certified Professional Groomer(CPG), a Certified Behavior Consultant for Canines(CBCC), and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer(CPDT). I've been working with dogs since 1986.